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After reading both articles from Lev Manovich and Charlie Gere, I quickly realized that the hyperlinks could make the reading both confusing or easier to read. Today in the 21st century things are rapidly changing as hyperlinks are becoming more available. Thus giving authors such as Manovich and Gere more availability to expand on their language and ideas knowing that they are providing their readers these hyperlinks, which in a sense “they can branch off from.” By this I mean, that one hyperlink is able to take a person to one website in which other hyperlinks are available making this a never ending cycle of hyperlinks. In Charlie Gere’s “New Media Art and the Gallery in the Digital Age” I was confused on what “systems art” was and clicked on the hyperlink which took me directly to Wikipedia. The definition was not clear and I found myself clicking on the hyperlink available there in order to figure out what systems art actually was. 

Through Manovich’s 8 Propositions I was able to further my knowledge on new media, however one proposition stood out more than the rest in my opinion. In his second proposition Manovich states “new media as digital data controlled by software.”  As discussed in both articles, new media such as art is being turned over into a searchable image/document through the world wide web, this being controlled by the software. For as glamorous as it might sound, having everything on the internet in my opinion is not the best thing. I would much rather go out to a museum to personally see the art, have a book to physically flip the pages than to live in a virtual world where digital data is controlled by software. 

Having that said I agree with Gere’s assertion that “the gallery has an important role to play in making this art visible, not just now but also in the future, when such work will be part of history.” In my point of view, galleries are a vital part to keeping art in their present conditions. When this type of art is converted into an image that is to be used,"copy/paste" many of its unique elements are taken away. For example, just with the last assignment that we had, the picture that I showed may of had not seemed as a big problem to many, but after seeing the original I was no longer able to see the pencil marks, and the picture is not in color as it appeared to be by Google books. We need the galleries to keep a vivid image of what has made a piece of art contribute to the making of history.

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